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p. 126 School Board Minutes.jpg
Little Rock School Board minutes used as evidence in Morris v. Williams

These are some of the salary schedules for African-American teachers employed with the Little Rock School District from 1935-1941. Notable teachers included are Charlotte Stephens, Sue Cowan Williams, and Lothaire Green, who was Ernest Green's…

Faculty photo of Mrs. Susie Morris (later known as Sue Cowan Williams), while head of the English Department at Dunbar High School, prior to her dismissal due to her salary equalization law suit.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church is affectionately known as the "The Mount." Mrs. Williams was a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church and became the church’s first youth director. The church is still active in the Dunbar Community and website reads "It is our…

Sue Cowan Williams.jpg
Sue Cowan Williams at the annual National Association for the Advancement of Colored People affirmative (NAACP) action dinner in Little Rock (Pulaski County); 1980.

p. 320, Testimony of Scobee about pay difference.jpg
Testimony of LRSD Superitendent Russell Scobee, pages 320-321 and 438-439.

p. 201 Morris Testimony.jpg
These pages include some of the testimony of Mrs. Susie Morris.

Tribute to Sue C. Williams.jpg
Tribute to Mrs. Williams by Dunbar Alumni Association, found in the pamphlet for the class of 1979 reunion, "Tribute to our Beloved Teachers 1929-1955"

Williams Library.JPG
Williams Library is the tenth library in the Central Arkansas Library System and was dedicated on March 22, 1997, in honor of Sue Cowan Williams. It was the most expensive building constructed to date in the library system and appropriately serves…
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